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Pet Parents and their furkids helped to date204 

    Pebbles was fighting for her life against      Parvo and her folks didn't know where  the  money was going to come from for  her  treatment until they heard about Paw  Placement of Northern Arizona.

    "Paw  Placement gave us a chance to save  our  puppy when all other resources were  exhausted. They were there every step of the way and allowed us to save Pebbles when she needed it most! We couldn’t have saved Pebbles without Paw Placement and for that we are forever grateful."                                                                                       Meagan & Seth






    A young cat was found by the  side of a road in Williams. His  rescuer had passed him on her  way to and from work several  times, thinking he was dead.  Then he lifted his head as she  drove by and she stopped her car  to help him. She is a sweet  young lady from a family of  animal lovers, and they took him  to the vet to see if he would  make it. In spite of a mangled  leg full of maggots and being  malnourished, he has made a miraculous recovery. Although he was probably feral, he quickly warmed up to the humans helping him and has settled into their home. His name is now BooBoo Kitty.



    Nine year old Emjay was attacked  in  the  face by another dog. When  the  cost  to  treat the wound near  his eye  turned  out to  be more than  his family  could  afford at the  time,  they turned  to Paw  Placement for  help.

   " Having the help of the medical  assistance  fund was such an  incredible  experience  and touched  our hearts in  a  beautiful way.  We  will be forever  grateful and  lifelong  supporters of this  program.  A million  thank yous would  simply not be  enough.”         Jamie                                             



   Jeff is a Vietnam veteran and  Trek is  his  constant companion  and helps  with  his  PTSD. When  Trek  swallowed a foreign  object  and was  fading fast,  Jeff drove  three hours  from northern  Arizona  to  bring him  to Flagstaff.

     Jeff and his family were in  between  checks and needed help to  save  Trek.  They said they will be  forever  grateful  for  our medical  assistance  fund, and  want to  volunteer with  Paw Placement  to help  other pet owners in need.  When Jeff was told that we could assist, he said "You've  made an old man cry." 



  After five-month old Sage broke  his leg in three places, I was  desperate for help with the cost of  amputation." Nadia K.










   Sati had a bad experience with a car fan  and he lost the skin on his leg as well as  a toe. “Thanks so much for helping  Sati, he is part of our family,"                  Joe &Nova                                 








     Chloe had a condition called  happy tail. Despite how pitbulls are  portrayed as mean, she wiggled her  butt a little too much with her  happiness and injured her tail. Her  people tried helping her by  bandaging it at home but she kept  re-injuring it. Her people had just  moved out on their own in  Flagstaff and had a new baby. They  just didn't have the funds to get her  tail amputated, which is what the vet said she needed.

“Paw Placement came in and offered to help us and was an absolute blessing in our lives. Our Chloe girl is back to normal and no longer has a tail to re- injure. They saved my Chloe girl om a lot of pain that she would have kept enduring. Thank you so much Paw Placement. You have touched our lives and Chloe thanks you for caring.”                                                                     Ashlee



    A young dog, Puppy, became  very ill and had to be taken to  the vet on the weekend. At first  it was thought it might be  Parvo. After much testing, it  proved not to be Parvo and  Puppy responded well to  antibiotics and special food.  Now he is back home with his best buddy.

"I didn't have the money to be able to pay the whole bill up front. Your program saved his life and helped me keep these best friends together. We can't thank you enough! It is obvious that you all work from the heart!"                                                          Amanda, Randy, and Puppy





    Seven-year-old Lulu, a long-haired  dachshund, was rescued from a  breeder when she was no longer  suitable for breeding. Her rescuers  had her spayed but then she  developed mammary gland tumors  which had to be removed. Canine  mammary tumors are more common  in female dogs who are either not  spayed or spayed after two years of  age. Dachshunds are among the most  affected breeds.

    Lulu’s person was unable to afford  the surgery so she turned to Paw  Placement.

“Thanks to Paw Placement, Lulu was able to get a very critical surgery. Without the support, she wouldn’t be doing as we as she is today and I am forever grateful!”                                       Morgan 



    Katie, a 15-year-old cat, was  not acting like herself. Her  person became concerned,  especially since the recent loss  of her other two cats to age-  related issues. Her person was  not able to afford the tests and  other procedures needed to  assess Katie’s health to  determine the cause of her  unusual behavior.

“Paw Placement is WONDERFUL! With Paw Placement’s help we were able to have Katie thoroughly checked out and treated and now know that she is in purrrrfect health for her age. Thank you!”





    Corporal Lucky is a nine year old  certified assistance dog for his dad, a  disabled veteran.

   When Homer  discovered a lump  on Lucky, he took  him to the vet but  couldn't afford the  cost of having it  removed and  biopsied. Both Homer  and Lucky  were very grateful for  our help. 









    Cottonball and his family are  homeless, and while hitchhiking from  Barstow to Flagstaff the extreme heat  and sun affected  all of them. What his  humans didn't realize  was that dogs can  get sunburned too. After  arriving in  town Cottonball (a handsome  red  pittie) would whimper when he was    petted and his owner, Jerod, was  horrified  to discover blisters under  Cottonball's fur!  The veterinarian  anesthetized Cottonball  and shaved  him to clean up the sunburn  and treat  it, and he is feeling MUCH  better.

   Jerod tearfully thanked PPNAZ for  relieving his much-loved dog's pain and  asked that we warn other dog owners of the danger of prolonged sun exposure. 


    “Pumkin is 1 of 5 of our “kids. She is a shy but lovable  Dapple dachshund who  managed to severely injure  her neck. We tried frantically  to get her into a number of  vets in Flagstaff, none of  whom would see her without  payment in full at the time of  service. This was impossible for us due to our recent moving costs and my inability to go back to work because of an injury.

    We were horrified to see this happen and then be refused care, until we learned of your organization. You people are ANGELS. Without your intervention, I don't know what we'd have done!

   Thank you for your loving nature and your help! You are forever in our hearts and prayers!”                                       Thomas


 “Paw Placement is a life saver. No joke. Rio  is now on the mend due to their medical  support program. Thank you for all of your  help and work with Canyon Pet Hospital.  Rio will never eat a corn cob again if we  have anything to say about it. He has been a  changed pup since this event. He is way  more cuddly and thankful. Full of extra  snuggles and kisses. It is like he knows he  was in trouble then and now is better.”                                                  Kristina







  James adopted Tiger when he needed a companion. Tiger needed vaccines,  including rabies, to live in James's  apartment and she wasn't allowed inside  until then. So James slept outside to keep  his little buddy safe until she was  vaccinated. Turns out she needed some  dental work, too, in order to be healthy  and comfortable. James has a very  limited income but but has a huge heart.  He says "The greatest gift of life is friendship, and Tiger and I have received                                             it, thank you so much!




 Four-month-old Tippy ran out from  her yard and got hit by a car. Her leg  had to be amputated and that was an  expense her family had not planned  for. Mom, Linda says: “Thank you  Paw Placement for saving Tippy’s  life. Even though she lost her leg,  she can do anything other dogs can  do. She is so happy thanks to your support and help throughout this life-changing ordeal. Your organization is soooo wonderful! I can’t thank you enough!”
























  Buddy became sick and stopped eating,  drinking, and lost interest in everything he  once loved. Buddy’s people made numerous  trips to the vet with him but he was no  better and his family's funds had run out.  Paw Placement was able to help with the  vet bills and get the tests Buddy needed to  diagnose his problem. With the proper  treatment, Buddy is smiling and healthy  today. 

 “We are so very grateful to this wonderful  organization for their help. It really just restored my faith in humanity. Thank you so very much.”