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Our Mission

Paw Placement of Northern Arizona is a 501(c)(3), no-kill organization.  Our mission is to ensure a high quality of life for the companion animals living in our region and to strive for no more homeless pets.   

Between Memorial Day and mid-July many people celebrate by setting off fireworks. Many pets are frightened by these loud noises and it is not uncommon for pets to run away in distress. Thunderstorms, frequent in northern Arizona this time of year, also can cause anxiety and distress.
Here are a few tips to keep your pet calm and safe when fireworks and other loud noises occur:
Leave your pets at home and indoors. Most pets are afraid of fireworks and may try to run away. Resist the urge to bring your pet to parades and fairs. They probably will not share your enjoyment of the crowds and the chaos.
Close all doors and windows and put on background music to muffle the sound.
Close curtains and blinds to block the flashing lights.
Be sure that your pets are wearing identification tags or have microchips in case they do run away or get lost.
Try to distract your pet with chew toys and games, or play with another pet that does not share his fear.
If you have time, desensitization techniques with appropriate sound CDs, such as thunder, fireworks, trains, sirens, etc. may help pets get used to the sounds at a lower volume, then as they become more comfortable, gradually increase the volume.
If your pet has noise phobias, speak to your veterinarian about a natural homeopathic, non-sedating remedy to keep your pet calm during storm and fireworks seasons.
Purchase a "thunder-shirt" for your dog to provide extra comfort during stressful times.
During fireworks use times, be very careful when walking pets to avoid having them ingest firework waste you may find in the street, these are harmful to pets and should not be eaten.
Thanks to PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kilsap for these tips.                                        

Thank You