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Care Credit- a credit card/financing plan that allows you to pay for routine and other veterinary bills with no interest for up to 24 months, depending on the option you choose.

RedRover Relief offers grants to help pet caregivers meet the cost of emergency veterinary care they otherwise couldn’t afford To help domestic violence victims and their pets escape abusive situations together.

The Big Hearts Fund - Money from this charitable fund helps pet owners attain necessary veterinary care for their animals with heart disease.

Diabetic Cats in Need - helps with the insulin and other diabetic supply costs of certain cats, both to help facilitate their rehoming and to help them stay in their original homes. On occasion, DCIN may help with treatment costs when cats have diabetes-related health problems that require veterinary care. 

Handicapped Pets Foundation - donates mobility equipment to pets in need.

Labrador Life Line -  is a Not for Profit Organization created to help owners or rescuers of Labrador Retrievers who are in need of financial assistance.

The Mosby Foundation - assists in the care of critically sick, injured, abused, and neglected dogs through financial support and public education. 

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation - provides grants for pets of individuals where medical hardship is present. The Tuxie Fund provides grants for cancer-related treatments and research. 

Paws 4 A Cure - provides financial assistance to qualified families who cannot afford veterinary care for their furry family members without help.

The Pet Fund - provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care.

Shakespeare Animal Fund - helps the elderly, disabled, and those whose total income does not exceed the current poverty guidelines to obtain emergency pet care. The veterinarian is paid directly to reduce out-of-pocket costs for low income pet owners who need to save their pet's life. [NOTE: this fund focuses primarily on northern Nevada.]

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund - provides treatment grants for dogs and cats with cancer.

Rose's Fund for Animalsoffers financial assistance for veterinary bills to pet owners experiencing financial hardship, as long as the animal has a good prognosis if the care is rendered.

The Magic Bullet Fund - helps families that cannot afford treatment for their dogs with cancer and whose dogs have a good chance of gaining an additional year if they have treatment.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic - located at 2231 E. 7th Avenue in Flagstaff. 

No-Cost and Low-Cost Spay or Neuter Vouchers

Paw Placement of Northern Arizona, the Flagstaff Community Foundation, and local participating veterinarians are working together to help eliminate pet overpopulation. If you have a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered, and you cannot afford to pay on your own, please call 928-300-4510 to request a no-cost or low-cost spay or neuter voucher.